Mary Ellen Brown RN, BSN, CCM
Geriatric Care Manager
Care Management Partners, Inc.
4054 NW 88 Ave #1A
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351
Phone: 954­-558-5048
Fax: 954-742-0502

Your Geriatric Care Management Solution in South Florida  


“Care Management Partners helped my aging aunt stay safely at home. With no family close by, they made sure she had the most wonderful aide as well as managed her complicated medical conditions and many doctors’ appointments.” Sara W.

“Mary Ellen came in at our family’s darkest hour. She helped us navigate through some very difficult decisions that helped Dad die peacefully and with the dignity he carried with him all his life.” Dennis R.

“Our family was having an impossible time trying to decide how to deal with Mom who had been diagnosed with Alzheimers. We couldn’t agree on a course of action…it was tearing our family apart. Care Management Partners came in, helped us talk and listen to each other, suggested different options and helped us find community resources that in the end both helped Mom and saved our relationships.” Dave C.

“As a single professional child of an aging parent, I struggled with Mom refusing to go to appointments and never agreeing to anything I ever suggested. When Mary Ellen walked in with the lab coat on and kindly said ‘it’s time to go, the doctor wants to see you’, and Mom went…I knew I had found the tool I needed! Now I use Care Management Partners to help coordinate appointments that I can’t take her to and be the buffer between Mom and me when times get tough. Mary Ellen respects my need to be involved; more importantly, Mom respects, listens to and likes her as a professional." Amy S.

“I first tried a large care management company recommended to me by my mom’s trust company.  They did her assessment, but talked on their cell phones the entire time and had a rigid plan in mind that ignored Mom’s and my wishes.  Care Management Partners was like a breath of fresh air.  They listened.  Mom loved Mary Ellen.  She called her her big blond hug.  And I can live with myself knowing that Mom’s last few years were taken care of comfortably, professionally and above all, with love.”  Jo-Ann C.       954­-558-5048